Liverpool FC Philippe Coutinho Desktop Mobile Wallpaper 2017

Liverpool FC Phillipe Coutinho 2017
Desktop / Mobile Wallpaper

Liverpool FC Anfield Noise White Wallpaper

To those who love a plain white background and nothing fancy. Captioned - There Is No Noise Like The Anfield Noise. Great for your desktop or laptop. Resize or crop if you need to get it on your mobile.

Liverpool FC Anfield Noise White Wallpaper

1536 x 1152 px - Full Size Here

King Kenny Dalglish LFC Wallpaper

Somehow, this was done way back in 2011. Something from the archives and probably will be used still. Hailed as one of the greatest, Kenny Dalglish deserves a place on your desktop.

King Kenny Dalglish Liverpool FC Wallpaper

Download full size here (1280 x 720)

Liverpool FC YNWA Minimal Wallpaper

Inspired by minimalism, here is a desktop wallpaper (laptop too) that you may like. Hashtags of YNWA and LFC in the bottom left corner with the Liverbird giving space to your desktop icons, if any.

Hillsborough 96 Commemorative

In commemoration of the 96 innocent lives perished in one of the world's worst football disasters. They will be remembered.

Hillsborough 96 Commemorative Wallpaper for Desktop

1536 x 1152 px
"96 Reasons for Justice" image credit -

Jurgen Klopp Free LFC Wallpaper

Just for you... Jurgen Klopp Liverpool FC Free Wallpaper for your Desktop or iPad. Could fit on your iPhone or Android device too.

Jurgen Klopp Free Liverpool FC Wallpaper

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Appreciate it!

Liverpool FC Liverbird Wallpaper

This could be great for your tablet. Or Your desktop... Or your phone.
Liverpool FC Liverbird Wallpaper 

Liverpool FC YNWA Android / iPhone Wallpaper

This is actually a pic of my key chain bought sometime ago. I looked at it and thought it would be great prop for a wallpaper. Giving you the old-worn look. Some may find it a great design concept, some won't think so.


Android, iPhone or iPad Liverpool FC Wallpaper

Just wanted to share this with all of you. Free. Go ahead and load it on your device. YNWA.

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