Jurgen Klopp Free LFC Wallpaper

Just for you... Jurgen Klopp Liverpool FC Free Wallpaper for your Desktop or iPad. Could fit on your iPhone or Android device too.

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Android, iPhone or iPad Liverpool FC Wallpaper

Just wanted to share this with all of you. Free. Go ahead and load it on your device. YNWA.

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Luis Suarez Collage - Wallpaper for your Mobile or iPhone

I dug this out from the archives. It's worth a lot now. Don't you think? Best wallpaper for the year so far.

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LFC John Henry Linda Pizzuti Wallpaper

I just thought of creating one as a sign of my appreciation. Ever since they came on board, positive changes have been happening. Team confidence and wins are happening too. If you agree and you feel the same way, here's a free wallpaper / desktop background for you.


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Note :
I'm in need of ideas. Please share your thoughts on who you would like me to represent next as a wallpaper.

Liverpool FC Wallpaper: Bill Shankly Quote


"I walk down the corridor at Melwood every day and see the faces on the walls, the Champions League trophy sitting there and the quotes from Bill Shankly and it never fails to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I still have the same attitude as when I came. I want to do well. When you play for Liverpool you want to do well for the supporters and the people who are at the club. It's got that incredible passion about it." - Joe Cole